Upcoming Messages

* Unless otherwise noted, all messages will be offered by GNH minister Rev. Doug Slagle.

  • February 24: Guest Speaker Reverend Aaron Greenlea of the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati (MARCC).  Rev. Greenlea will be interviewed by MJ Pierson about his lifelong work for Civil Rights including time spent with Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr.

March Message Series

Within any group, large or small, the tendency is to refer to the collection of members as “we.”  For example, people in particular groups mights say, “We are Americans,”  “We are Unitarian Universalists,” or “We are people of color.”

The need for the pronoun ‘we’ is understandable but it rarely describes everyone in a group.  Any group, from two members to two-thousand, has diversity.  It’s important, therefore, to understand who comprises the pronoun “we”.  What is the understanding of what “we” means?

Rev. Connie Simon, in her new role as Minister at First Unitarian Universalist of Cincinnati, often asks her congregation “Who is we?” whenever they use the pronoun ‘we’ to refer to themselves.  Join Rev. Doug for three Sundays in March as he asks the same question and explores some possible answers.

  • March 3: Who is ‘We’? Activists, Theologians, or Neighbors? 

Are Unitarian Universalists social activists, spiritual explorers, or persons enjoying community?

  • March 10: Who is ‘We’? The Grass Roots or World Citizens?

Where do our obligations and interests lie – with local cities, with our larger nation, or with the entire world?

  • March 17: Who is ‘We’?  Gender, Sexuality, Race, Class?

Where do individual and group identities intersect in ways that are helpful and also harmful?  How can a better understanding of intersectionality recognize and celebrate multiple identities?