Upcoming Messages

* Unless otherwise noted, all messages will be offered by GNH minister Rev. Doug Slagle.

New Coffeehouse Family Service!!   Next One on Sunday, April 14th.

Join us for a once-a-month new style of Sunday service intend-
ed for all members – but with a special appeal to families and youth.

Coffeehouse services are non-traditional with lots of music, videos, a
short message, and tables in the sanctuary to sit at while enjoying coffee and light snacks.  Youth are encouraged to attend with friends and are welcome to chat, surf their smartphone, text, tweet, instagram, listen to the service, fall asleep or just relax!

Michael Tacy and his band Brotherhood will provide the music.

Sunday, March 24, 2019, Music Director Michael Tacy speaks on: “Money! The Intersection of Greed and Discrimination”
Sunday, March 31, 2019, guest speaker Susie DeYoung, “The La Soupe Story.”

Telling the journey of a 30 year career chef who opened her heart and lis-
tened to the whisper, which later became a constant chant, “feed my sheep!”  Ms. DeYoung is the owner and operator of LaSoupe – a restau-
rant that uses extra food from catering companies to serve customers, non-profits and the food-insecure. Ms. DeYoung is former owner of La
Petite Pierre restaurant and a trained French chef who now gives her time
and skill helping and serving those in need.

April Message Series

     The Easter story remains one of our culture’s defining narratives.  That story says that death, suffering and despair were fully and finally defeated not by humans, but by an intervening god and her miraculous power.  Whether the story is true or not, Easter is the symbolic foundation of our morality, psychology and politics.

     Our society is experiencing resurrections right now – in how we are painfully transforming past attitudes about gender, age and race into something new and much better.

     As individuals, we also find the resurrection has personal meaning in how we continually change ourselves into more enlightened people.

     Finally, we are also resurrecting the resurrection itself to apply a new understanding of Easter such that it can still be spiritually relevant in a postmodern culture.

     Join Rev. Doug during the month of April to consider the idea of resurrection in our society, in ourselves, and in our spirituality.  

  • Sunday, April 7: “Resurrecting Society”
  • Sunday, April 14: Coffeehouse Family Service: How and Why Do We Change Ourselves?
  • Sunday, April 21: Easter Sunday Service: “Resurrecting the Resurrection”